About Us

Abbie Wedding Pic


In 2006 I started dating E.J. Bocan III, a guy obsessed with LEGO® bricks.  In 2008 he gave me an enormous engagement ring (pictured above) — I said yes!  In 2009 we had a tasteful LEGO® themed wedding and I started my business, AbbieDabbles.  Growing my business has been an incredible journey.  I had always considered myself a “crafter”.  I like to sew, make candles, wood burn, embroider, bake, etc. etc. etc.  After I married E.J. I was surrounded by LEGO®, literally.  The bricks became a new “craft medium”.  I named my business AbbieDabbles. because I *dabble* in many mediums.  After a few years of dabbling my focus became creating with LEGO®.  Being able to utilize my own creativity, be my own boss, travel the U.S., and ship my items all over the world has been extraordinarily rewarding.  The LEGO® fan community is incredibly supportive and I have made more new friends than I can count.  I hope you enjoy my products, and if you ever make it to a convention we can make a real-world connection.  I <3 my job!